Actually, dream league soccer is a fantastic android and iOS football game. This game actually has wonderful 3D gameplay and graphics. Also, this is more genuine football game in which a team management comes in to play off a pitch, when the players require making up the stadiums as well as supporting their teams to climb up the leagues. If you have not played dream league soccer, you can simply download this game from Google play page. From this web page, the Apple iOS users can also add this game to their mobiles and tablets. If you need assistance to become a better player in the dream league soccer, you can simply try out the following tips and tricks that highly support your dream league soccer team to succeed in the massive moments. If winning is your goal, this is a must-read guide for all soccer enthusiasts.


The solid shielding will provide you a good opportunity of winning trophies in the dream league soccer. B is a button for standard tackles and you can also slide tackle with A button. Timing is more important to tackle as a mistimed challenge from the central defender, which can leave a forward clear on the goal. Normally, the players can stick to tackle with B button, when they are commonly cleaner.

Play with ten players

You will not play with all ten players. Probably, you want to reordering your team, when one of the players do not sent off. If a defender drives off, you can substitute a headfirst with the replacement defender to guarantee that you do not have any gap left in your defense.

Fixed part play

If you practice them in a training mode, you can score a few goals with free corners and kicks. The free kick shots of many players do not normally go in. you can really score with a lot of free kicks by just playing a precise small pass to the forward in a penalty area simply to left or right of a defensive wall.

Confronting play

Scoring goals is actually a name of this game, so your attacking play is more important to win the matches. A is a basic shooting button in dream league soccer and do not press that A button strongly; because it will send shots raging over a crossbar. The light touch of A button will keep shots lower and guarantee the top shot accuracy.

Firming your group

Forming a dream team is half the fun in dream league soccer. The most essential thing to be noted while signing players is that every playing position has more important attributes. The heading ratings, strength and top tackling are more essential for defenders.

Keep the team always new

The energy level of players always depletes with each game. You can always keep the team fresher by substituting several players during matches or just choosing a heal option. Choosing a heal option with regularity will also have some influence on a club budget.

Get Coins & Gems

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