Dream League Soccer from the First Touch Games is one of the best football games with the most outstanding graphics as well as gameplay. This football game is very popular as it includes the team management and encourages players to build up stadiums and increase the overall strength of the squads for climbing the leagues.  As a beginner to this game, you have to know about the main theme of this game at first and understand your role. You are the manager of your own team namely Dream FC. You have to control all players throughout the actual games.

Be aware of the gameplay at first

The gameplay of the Dream League Soccer is same as the career mode of the FIFA. However, there are no club transfers within other clubs, contracts and happiness level in players. All players of this game can sign any player from the successful transfer market for a particular amount of coins after a comprehensive analysis of different things. For example, they can take note of the skill level of the player at any time they get ready for signing a new player for their team. Players have to collect coins in all the possible ways like watching an ad, completing achievements and playing matches. 

Individuals with an interest to start out the game Dream League Soccer can choose a captain from a list of twenty captains or players with an overall rating range from sixty to eighty five. Once they have successfully chosen their captain, they have to fill the rest of their team with the random players from the database of this game. They have to start playing this game in the Division 3.

Get 100% entertainment as expected

There are sixteen teams in divisions namely Division 3, Divison 2, Divison 1 and Elite Division. Players of this game have to play against all teams once in a single season. The top teams get promoted to the next division at the end of the season.  Keep in mind that the position depends on the division. There is a Global Challenge Cup known as the GC Cup in the entire season. This cup randomly matches up to sixty four teams against each other in the single-legged playoff contest.  Entertaining elements in this game make all players happier and encourage such players to happily engage in this game world in the leisure.

Players who win the Elite Divison are taken to the next level namely International Cup. This single-legged playoff contests with all existing international teams like Germany, Brazil and Argentina. You may lose at any stage of the football competition. In this situation, you are asked whether you want to play a friendly against any random team. The next season of the Elite Division begins. You will be selected for the All-Star Cup when you win the International Cup. The All-Star Cup is the next single-legged competition which includes classic teams all through the history.  The First Touch United is an imaginary team where players are high rated that is 90 rated or higher.

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